Friday, January 25, 2008


We awoke to severe cold but brilliant sunshine. Somehow having the sun out makes a huge difference in one’s mood! It is truly good to see Mister Sun after some gray days.

After Morning Offering Mick continued cleaning out all the kitchen cabinets and finished the job by lunchtime. I began closing down my office for the trip by clearing some items from my desk. Appointments were registered and I updated my to-do list. I ended the morning by having a manicure, a luxury indeed. I feel so much better when traveling if I am well groomed!

After lunch I cleaned up the very last of my Christmas thank-you notes, writing some on behalf of L/L Research for generous donations of books, CDs and DVDs on spiritual subjects which kind folks had sent in to say “Happy Holidays” to us. Then I went to Images Salon to change my hair color to auburn and get it cut.

My hair was stubborn at holding on to the cherry-red color I have enjoyed over the Christmas season, so the salon did a second round of coloring, at no extra charge, which was wonderful of them! However it did make me late in arriving home. Mick had a bath waiting and we enjoyed a good, restorative whirlpool together and a light supper. Then Mick came upstairs with me and helped me pack. Now I am all ready except for packing my computer kit and small printer. I will do that after writing my journals entries tomorrow morning.

I offered the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.