Sunday, January 27, 2008


Our second travel day dawned ice-cold and full of sunshine. We made our Morning Offering, found breakfast and were on the road by late morning. The temperatures rose throughout the day and we ended with a balmy 45 degrees F to bless our way.

We had a fascinating episode which lasted most of the afternoon. I was expressing to Mick my awareness that the upcoming Channeling Intensive would be hard on me physically, so I needed to be sure to rest when I had the chance during those four days. I also was expressing concern that, by teaching this technique again, I may again be responsible for someone ending up in a mental hospital, as has happened before when participants in such circles have not followed my directions. Yet, I told Mick, at the same time I felt strongly moved to do this.

Then I started talking about the book, what was left to write and how it was coming. Again, I was saying that it felt as though things were going as they should there. And after that, I continued sharing about the upcoming speech in Laughlin and how good it was to present this material and explain Don’s experiment in channeling, using his own words.

The refrain for all of these concerns was that it all felt right; it felt as though my way were being blessed and that I should go for it.

Only after I finally wound down did Mick tell me that the whole time I had been talking, he kept seeing hawks. He kept count. As I finished my long rap, the hundredth hawk flew right over the car! We agreed this was a very good sign!!!

I got a bit of L/L Research business done before leaving the motel this morning. I sent in my “Who Am I?” essay to Gary – after all, the rule is that we all write one to begin the session’s work, and consider them at our first meeting. I am no exception!

And I wrote Nicole B-I of the International UFO Congress staff to let her know that we preferred to arrive the day before the convention begins and leave the day after it ends, in order to participate fully in the doings. Previously I had not indicated a preference. Also, I let her know that there is a non-stop Southwest Airlines flight from Louisville to Las Vegas (or, as the Elk used to call that fair city, Lost Wages) and returning which we would greatly prefer to a flight where we have to lay over somewhere.

We arrived at Mom McCarty’s at 7:00, local time. She had a big supper ready for us and we settled in and unpacked only after we ate. It is good to be here and share some time with Mom! She is a happy camper when we’re here! Naturally she adores her only son! And she is very fond of me as well, although I am quite sure I took a lot of getting used to, a quarter century ago, when she and I first met!

Mick offered the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.