Tuesday, January 29, 2008


The weather moderated with a sudden warm snap, which made Jim’s chore of taking down the Christmas wreath from Dad McCarty’s grave much more pleasant than it would have been yesterday, or than it will be tomorrow. While we were out doing that errand and a couple of others, we were privileged to watch the front come through. It was very dramatic! Nature offers so many beauties to anyone with the eyes to see them! For a while, you could look one way, in this land of the big sky, and see nothing but storm clouds, very threatening and lowering, while if you looked the other way, the sun was shining brightly in an innocent blue sky.

After Morning Offering I began writing my speech for the International UFO Congress. By the end of the day, I had eight pages done: a good start. I am beginning to get my feet under me and see the shape of the whole talk far better than before.

I responded to a note from Barbara, who reported that she had at last finished the very last editing of her part of The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues. What a signal blessing! Now all is in Judy’s hands. Interestingly enough, Ba was dealing with some issues which my Holly Journal for the day addressed, so I forwarded her that entry as I wrote her back. She is still in South America, visiting John of God.

Jim and I offered the peace together at the Gaia Meditation tonight.