Thursday, February 07, 2008


I slept hard and only awoke a good hour after I intended to be up and about, so I was still writing my journals when Mick came upstairs, already in bed-making and plant-watering mode, as is his wont in the early morning. He stopped so we could have a good snuggle and then went right onward, as we had a deadline to keep: we are taking Chloe in to the vet this morning to examine a lump we have found on her spine. All prayers and hopes for a favorable diagnosis.

Tom was up early, as was Neil, and we all had a good Morning Offering together. Then Tom, Neil and I set about our trip to Avalon. We drove up in light rain and the two men walked about with Melissa, seeing the place a bit, while I sat in the cabin and sang to Avalon, as she loves for me to do.

Meanwhile Jim set out to haul limbs and storm debris away from a customer’s farm. He had a good day, making two trips to Avalon. He said Melissa worked like a beaver, getting the side of the road prepped for his erosion control materials and re-creating the drainage culvert off that part of the access road.

When she said good-bye after the first load was placed, he told her he would be back, hopefully, and she said she hoped she would be ready for him. And she was! As he drove down the road to the point where they were working, he saw her lithe, slender figure doing a victory dance! It was a happy day on Avalon!

Gary had not arrived when Neil, Tom and I returned from our trip, so they set about cleaning in the kitchen – washing the pretty china and other treasures that live on our kitchen’s upper shelves – while I came upstairs to work up the rest of the notes for my lectures at the Channeling Intensive. I was able to finish all of that in good time. I spent the rest of the afternoon collecting a very nice meatloaf recipe and working on editing the session we had on January 12th, which is about transformation. I was not able to finish by bath time, but I made a good start.

After Gary arrived, he, Tom and Neil began rearranging the living room in order that we can hold the maximum number of people during the Intensive. All was in place by the Gaia Meditation. I offered the closing prayer for that.

Off and on, Gary and I worked on the last of the text for the B4 site, and by day’s end, Gary said that by tomorrow we should have a live, working, on-line store! We have never had a secure site to accept credit cards. Now we do! This is huge, wonderful news!!! Thank you Lord and kudos to webmaster Steve E.!