Tuesday, February 05, 2008


After Morning Offering, Mick went out into the gathering gloom of the day to work amidst the showers at clearing from his customers’ yards the storm debris from the small tornadoes that ripped through here while we were gone. He got one load of debris cut, loaded and hauled up to Avalon. Then he came back and got another full load cut and loaded. However in the softened ground, his truck and trailer got well and truly stuck, so he ended the day getting pulled out and was unable to cart the second load to Avalon.

Meanwhile I continued my preparations for the Channeling Intensive, finishing my reading of A Channeling Handbook and then preparing my notes for the first two lectures.

I got a very welcome call from Board member and experienced channel, Steve T, letting me know that he could not attend this Channeling Intensive. He has a good many things on his plate, and simply cannot do it. I assured him that this is fine. He has been through all of the introductory material. He can pick things up next time. I am sorry not to have his able aid here for this weekend, but we’ll do fine regardless. It was wonderful to talk to Steve and get caught up. He has a new home now! I forwarded his new contact info to Gary.

Having discovered that our double boiler was kaput on Sunday when Mel and I prepared the beer cheese dip, I ordered a new one from Williams-Sonoma.com. In the process I collected a nice recipe for lime-y guacamole.

Mary from Jewish Hospital East called and needed information galore for my ear-tube operation tomorrow. We had a very pleasant chat and then I faxed her my Prescriptions List and Living Will, the only items that were better sent than relayed in person.

I ended the day ferrying Mick to and from the site of his stuck truck, trying to pull the load out with Stanley, failing, and then coming home to arrange for a tow, doing so and taking Mick back to the site. It is incredibly warm today, in the mid-60s F! And tomorrow it should hit 70! The weather mavens are predicting violent, dangerous weather tomorrow night when a cold front comes through. Interesting times on Planet Earth!

Mick and I ended our day with the Gaia Meditation, at which he prayed the closing prayer, and a date, always two joyful, sacred occurrences in our lives.