Saturday, February 09, 2008


The first full day of our first Channeling Intensive went well, I am most glad to say. We went through a full six hours of material today, four hours in my lectures and two in their questions and answers. We explored channeling, what it is, troubles which come to one when one decides to become a channel, tuning and challenging. The questions were many, as I expected, and everyone was focused and attentive in the extreme. I could not ask for a better bunch of participants.

We had one glitch – the recording fouled up on the third talk, on tuning. I typed up a sheet which contained all the prayers and so forth about which I had talked, but that does not replace the background which I gave them, all of which was lost. On reflection, I believe I can sit down with my outline, when I get back the transcript of what we did save – the questions and answers, I believe – and fill in the missing parts from my notes.

We had half a dozen sleepy people to join Jim and me for Morning Offering and then Mick was gone all morning, taking a load up to Avalon and filling in our access road’s erosion control areas with his enormous trailer-load of storm debris. He needs that trailer empty so he can begin his work Monday at a dead run! He is attempting to clean everyone’s yards before we go to Laughlin and is feeling eager to use every moment until then, so he can keep all his customers happy.

Steve E. offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight. We all had a fine time after the work of the day was over, eating together at Hometown Buffet. After we arrived home from supper, I bade good night to the workshop participants and spent the rest of the evening with Mick, sharing a bath and whirlpool and then having a lovely time of energy exchange and communion before we said our last prayers together and turned out the lights.