Friday, February 08, 2008


Tom C was up and making coffee as I came downstairs after doing my journals. Mick had gotten up early as well, thinking about all he wished to do today and still make the 5:30 opening of the Channeling Intensive. It was a weird feeling, coming downstairs to a dressed husband and a humming kitchen!

Jim took off after Morning Offering for a full day of hauling limbs and storm debris from a customer’s farm to Avalon. He barely made it back in time for things to begin, as did I!

During the morning hours, I edited the rest of the February 12th channeling and after lunch I started over with the section in Chapter 11 of 101 on psychic greeting and felt it was 200% better by the end of my work period. It seemed to flow so well! I did not keep much of what I had done before. I suppose I have been thinking about it at some level as I got ready for this workshop. Anyway, I’m thrilled.

I had my nails done as my preparation for the Intensive. We all get ready in our own way! I used an iridescent blue/indigo/purple for the base color and then overlaid that with green sparkles. It came out really well, and will remind me all weekend of the top four chakras, a good visual hint to focus.

The first night went very well, with all the attendees arriving in good time and moving through the opening night’s agenda with a lot of enthusiasm and intensity. They have all read the first seven chapters of A Channeling Handbook, so they’re front-loaded. We also had written essays on “Who Am I”, which we read round-robin style during the evening, stopping for the Gaia Meditation, at which Romi offered the closing prayer.

After the scheduled part ended, we enjoyed brownies and conversation and then Neil C was kind enough to give us the story of his recent experiences, mostly in California and Mt. Shasta. He has had repeated UFO encounters of the psychic kind and even met one of the people about whom he had dreamt, in Mt. Shasta. And she remembered him as well.

Chloe came back from her surgery perky and unruffled, glad to see us and in sweet temper. Bless her heart; I dearly hope that is the end of that! The vet thought he had gotten absolutely everything, and offered a very hopeful prognosis. He is not even sure it was cancer. I hope we have our little Inkspot around for a very long time!

The other two kitties, Pickwick and Dan D. Lion, outdid themselves as good cats tonight, sitting demurely on Jim’s and my love seat and remaining quiet throughout the festivities.

The workshop has started very well. I am so thankful! Tomorrow the real work begins!