Wednesday, February 13, 2008


From the beginning, this was a low-energy day for me. I fell asleep in my office chair after Morning Offering and only woke up at nearly lunch time. I can only think that the last weekend’s energy expenditure on my part was more than I had to spend! I am now repairing the deficit. I do not regret going over the top during the Channeling Intensive at all. Nor do I begrudge the recovery time I need. All is well!

However, I did not achieve what I hoped to do today, either in Chapter 11 of 101 or in my speech for Laughlin. I shall pray that by tomorrow my system is entirely rested and back to normal so I can work on both of those good projects.

Jim worked very hard today in the midst of all this snow, ice and sleet, taking four inches of snow off St. Luke’s walks as well as one of his customer’s and our own. Unfortunately he seems to have caught a chill from that cold, wet, work. I made him hot toddies this evening and hope that they warmed him up sufficiently to avoid his having a cold tomorrow.

Gary came to work today despite the un-scraped streets here locally. The town is a mess, he says! Schools were closed today all over this area. And more of this mix of snow, rain and sleet is expected tonight. Winter is here, by golly!

During the afternoon, Gary restored out living room to its usual configuration. During the weekend’s gathering, we had removed two large tables which go between the love seat and the rocker, and the rocker and the wall, to accommodate more chairs. It worked well, but now that we’re through with the Intensive, I am glad to see the room return to its default, with places for me to put my stuff!

Two positive notes: we received half of our mugs today, the 16-ounce size! They are very nice, with the Don Quixote image and our name on them. Hopefully people will like them and purchase them, bringing in some income for L/L Research.

And the vet called with the most welcome news that our little Chloe’s lump was entirely benign, and he got it all. So, as he put it, the operation was the cure. She is all well again! We are thrilled. Now she just has to grow her hair in again, where they shaved it for the operation. Chloe is the sweetest, most affectionate kitty we have ever had, utterly devoted and loving. We’re so glad our little Inkspot has a clean bill of health!

Gary offered the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.