Saturday, February 16, 2008


Jim was a little better today, praise the Lord, but still wracked with a hacking cough. Although it is a blessing that it is a dry, nagging cough rather than one symptomatic of a chest cold, Mick was miserable with it, and restless under the doctor’s orders to remain still.

After Morning Offering I worked again on finding a way to talk about healing, reading through our transcripts using the key word, heal, and broke the logjam at last with just the right quote. I think I will find the writing flowing now on that topic. I am quite eager to finish this chapter, and anticipate tackling it again tomorrow!

Gary and I had some e-correspondence today and then, at lunch, a talk, all concerning the closing of the membership in the further Channeling Intensives. He shared with me a good letter from John K, who is already a channel and who had hoped, through attending these intensives, to break through to a higher level of channeling in service to others. He lost out on our first Intensive because we ran out of room. Gary did not want to deny him the hope of coming to the next Intensive.

This issue, of denying people the chance to join the channeling circle, has come up repeatedly since Jim and I decided to close the circle last week. Gary at first did not want to deny anyone a seat. Yet, if all those who came to our first Intensive return for the second one, the room is already full to bursting. I could not see any way to enlarge our circle, given our limited space.

As a result of our excellent talk, Gary agreed to look into ways to find more seats and, if he is successful, to include John next time. John will, if Gary can seat him, come here first for a weekend with me, after we have the first Channeling Intensive’s talks transcribed and up on site so he can study the material. I should think, since he is already channeling, that he and I can review all the material thoroughly in a couple of days.

It was four packed days of work for the attendees of the first circle, and they need to have the knowledge that John has done his part in catching up. There is a solid, close-knit, family feeling to the existing group and Jim and I want to honor that.

Mick and I also agreed with Gary that we would now accept others who had come to the Homecoming in 2007 if they ask to come, with the understanding that they, too, have reviewed all the material covered in the first Intensive circle. These were the two points which Gary wanted, and he got them – IF he can figure out a way to seat everyone.

I remain concerned about having such a large group to train. I was prostrated after the first Intensive was over and did not get a lick of good work out of myself for two solid days, sleeping all day on Monday and half the day on Tuesday. So I know I am right at my limit already, physically. But if spirit is sending me these people, and if we can find a way to seat them, I will offer myself faithfully as an instrument for developing them as channels for the Confederation. As Julian of Norwich said, “All is well, and all manner of thing is well.”

I went to Images Salon and got my pre-Laughlin facial and eyebrow waxing and coloring from Lee Ann O after that talk and, on the way home, picked up some tempting food at The Cheddar Box for him. So he dined well tonight on fancy chicken, asparagus, stuffed potatoes, Southwestern Cornbread Salad and mixed fruit, with Italian Cream Cake for dessert. He ate everything! I go by “feed a cold, starve a fever”, so his good appetite was reassuring to me!

During the afternoon I went over the speech for Laughlin again and declared it finalized by bath time! Now I will give the speech one more time tomorrow afternoon, to Jim, who swears he wants to hear it again, and time it in its entirety. I am determined to keep the speech within an hour.

Mick offered the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.