Thursday, February 14, 2008


We awoke to more snow. It had first sleeted, then rained, then sleeted, then snowed again overnight, so the streets were a total mess. My ministrations last night quieted Mick’s coughing for the evening but he awoke with a cold. Fortunately, Melissa had come down to Louisville from Avalon for town chores, leaving very early, and she was aboard to help Mick with spreading calcium chloride at St. Luke’s. She stood in the role of rescuer today, also driving in the slush and ice over to Louisville Tractor to pick up more calcium chloride. The snow continued off and on all day, so he shall have to repeat this exercise tomorrow morning early. Bless Melissa!!!

Other than that task, Mick stayed in all day, sleeping the morning away and doing a few little in-house chores like reading his e-mail and ordering a University of Nebraska baseball cap. I came down every hour or so to fix him more tea and refill his juice glass, and at lunch we all ordered Chinese take-away, which they delivered. Yum! If you’re ever in Middletown, Kentucky, try Ling Ling’s! We had some delicious sweet and sour chicken and egg rolls, and their Crab Rangoon was marvelous!

I was much more myself today, praise the Lord, and was able to complete the section of Chapter 11 of 101: The Choice on psychic protection. I shall read it over tomorrow to be sure I like it and then tackle the section on healing. It is exciting to be moving towards the end of this book!!!

In the afternoon, I completed the speech I will give at Laughlin, taking the listener through what the Confederation has to say about 2012 and all that. In the evening I read the new part to Mick and timed it. Sadly, I have to lose two pages. But I can do that! I quoted Q’uo generously, and I will take some of the largesse back. We want this speech to last exactly an hour! That’s the time I was given, and I want to keep to it and have the extra quarter-hour for questions.

I enjoyed speaking with Michael of the Law of One Community up in Canada today. Romi had sent me the link to their site and I wrote to ask him to give credit to L/L Research for the name. He responded with the most loving of e-notes and offered very kind words about our work, which inspired his present path of living the Law of One.

Melissa took off for Avalon during the afternoon, wanting to wait until the roads were well traveled before daring the journey. Everything is treacherous with ice! She called at sunset to let us know she had an uneventful and safe trip, thank the Lord. However she saw a lot of cars off the road. We sent a prayer for all of them up to the Divine Beloved.

We stayed very quiet tonight, watching one of the Matrix series of films and going to bed at the early hour of 10 p.m. Jim offered the prayer at the Gaia Meditation.