Friday, February 15, 2008


Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope yours went a bit more smoothly than Mick’s and mine! We cancelled the night out at The Jazz Factory due to Mick’s deepening illness. In fact we spent the late afternoon at the Immediate Care Center having him checked. He was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection.

The MD said that the chill Mick had while getting utterly soaked during the cleaning off of St. Luke’s walkways – he used a blower to pry up the ice crust on the walks, and under the ice was liquid which blew back on Mick, thoroughly wetting him in 20 degree temperatures – had lowered his resistance to the bug. He also said he’d feel fine by Monday. So Mick called all his customers who were expecting him to clear storm debris this week to let them know he was down until then.

After Morning Offering I read through and finalized my work on the section on Psychic Protection in Chapter 11 of 101: The Choice and then spent the rest of the morning hunting for a good way to talk about healing, which is the subject of the next-to-last section of this chapter on advanced choices through the gateway to intelligent infinity, the last being sacred sexuality.

I have not hit on the right approach. The Confederation material likens the healer to the King’s Chamber position in the Great Pyramid. That requires a large amount of explanatory material. How to do that and stay true to the KISS rule? How to maintain the baby step, as Elkins always said was the key to good teaching? I will tackle that again tomorrow.

I had better luck in the afternoon, successfully shortening my speech for the International UFO Congress in Laughlin on February 28th to the requisite hour’s running time. I will go over it one more time tomorrow to smooth out the latter portion where all the cuts were made.

I also had a talk with Gary, who is attempting to create a PowerPoint Presentation to accompany my talk. He has had fair luck at finding images for the first half of it. When I begin reporting on the channeling itself in the second half of the talk, there are no objective referents to throw up on the screen. I suggested that the PPP be planned only for the first half. He will work with that concept for a while.

I heard from my brother, Jim, in Denver, that his wife, Kai’s, Mom will be able to come over from Thailand to stay with her and help her with the baby! This is great news for them. My only concern is that Fluke ("Folk"), Kai's 10-year-old son, is barely learning English as it is, and if he has his Gramma to speak Thai to at home, it may hinder his acculturation. Americans are very insular and prejudiced against anyone who cannot speak their language.

And Fluke is not a “cute” Asian as is Kai, who is charming, has the looks of a model and is slender and small. He is a heavy child and has the extremely heavy jaw line, perpetual natural scowl and deeply slanted eyes of his father. He looks different. Children can be so cruel to people who are different! I pray that he hangs in there, learns his English and finds ways to fit in.

Terry H sent me a large photo collection from a woman named Mikey, who is part of his Law of One study group in Taipei. I found some of her work charming and sent the collection on to Steve E and Gary for consideration as images on our B4 site. The store is up now!!!! There is a link from our archive site, or one can go directly to

Mick and I took to my bed and napped after we returned from the ICC, rousing to find that we were hungry after 8 p.m. We ordered take-away from Ruby Tuesday’s and I offered the Gaia Meditation and its following prayer by myself while Mick went to pick up our Valentine’s Day feast. Yum!!! The night ended very well!