Tuesday, February 19, 2008


After Morning Offering, Jim set out to work and had a full day of clearing storm debris from his customers’ yards. He still coughs from time to time but feels well now, thank the Lord! Melissa came down to Louisville from Avalon, also ailing with this flu that has swept through our little family, and did some town chores. We enjoyed her company and she will stay overnight tonight and get some much needed rest here, where she does not have to stoke the fire to stay warm.

In the morning I went through my entire Laughlin speech again, shortening it as Jim and I had discussed and finding many ways to tweak the prose and clear up small copy errors. It is now printed out and also has been sent to Gary for his work on the PowerPoint presentation which he will place behind the first part of the talk.

I cleared some desk work before leaving for my appointment with Dr. Brown, the ear specialist. He confirmed that the tubes were in and doing fine. And with a hearing test he also confirmed that I have lost another 10 decibels of hearing throughout the curve. He says that I need to wait for the tubes to work. He also said they may never work, but I won’t know that until I give them as much as a year to do their job.

I explored the possibility of further surgery, clearing the mastoid bone, but the odds are very slim that this operation will help me. So I may have inherited another chronic limitation which I need to learn to work around with grace and serenity.

It was a challenge to remain full of faith and totally positive, looking at this latest diagnosis, because it is very disturbing to have impaired hearing and balance and I cannot tell how my voice is coming across, which will concern me when I give my speech in Laughlin. I remember John Lennon’s humorous catch-phrase,

“Nobody told me there’d be days like these – strange days indeed! Most peculiar, Mama!”

Thank you, John! That says it so well!

After the appointment I had a bit of time left to work before bath time, and I used it to work on the placards for the vendor table we will have at the Congress. It will be helpful for people to see, for each of our books and so forth, a little placard that offers a blurb on what the product is and its cost. Four of our items are too new to have a blurb on site – the two sizes of L/L Research mugs, the 2007 collection of public channelings and the collection of the first 25 years of Light/Lines Newsletters. So I produced blurbs for them. Things are coming together!

I was quite unwell in the tummy and coughed my head off all day, but I am hoping that this represents the crisis day, and that I will start to recover from this flu tomorrow.

Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.