Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Again, I was blessed to spend the entire day in my most pleasant room. After Morning Offering, I slept through most of the morning and almost all of the afternoon. I cannot imagine how I could be so weary, because I am sleeping very well at night, but the daytime sleep feels very good and I am enjoying this period of profound rest. I continue to exhibit the symptoms of bronchitis and the heart-related symptoms as well.

Mick and Romi split the duties of our L/L Research vendor’s table throughout the morning and as Romi prepared to leave the conference to fly home to Kentucky, Aaron T came in from Washington. She is visiting in order to help us with the vendor’s table and to hear me speak. We all enjoyed a conversation before Aaron and the guys went to the vendors’ room so they could show her the ropes.

Aaron stayed at the table all afternoon while I slept. Jim collected her when he returned from driving Romi in to Las Vegas to catch his plane and we all had sandwiches for dinner, supping on the groceries he had brought with him from the trip.

We had our Gaia Meditation a bit early so that we could have a longer session than usual and include Aaron. It was a very good meditation and I offered the closing prayer. Afterwards, Aaron offered me a Reiki session before she left.

Mick and I had a lovely tryst after that, and went right from sharing energy and gradually stepping down to afterglow to our final prayers and bedtime.