Sunday, February 24, 2008


This was our day of travel to the International UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada. It was a very long day indeed. After Morning Offering, Jim finished up his last-minute chores while I packed my computer bag and purse for the trip.

Romi picked us up, in all the ice and slush, with a light, freezing rain falling. The roads were fairly good, as the temperature was rising fast and it was well over freezing, and had been for several hours. However we motored carefully!

We had nine bags to check as well as our three carry-ons and my purse, because of carrying our products for the vendor table there. We finally got our bags checked, though they charged us for the third bags, while their web site had assured us we could have three each for free. The flight went uneventfully and we landed in Las Vegas, where it was also raining, but with a temperature of nearly 70.

Jim had to upgrade our rental vehicle to a full-sized SUV in order to carry all our luggage – another expense on which we had not counted. But unlike Stanley Outback, which I think of as a medium-sized vehicle, their medium-sized car did not hold our things. But as we heard when we checked in, the shuttle was a nightmare and we were well-off not to be on it!

The drive south to Laughlin from the airport, sometimes in cloudbursts so thick that visibility was almost zero, was slow and careful, and we were thrilled to arrive at last after a nearly eleven-hour journey. The storm across the desert was beautiful to see, with dramatic skies and mists embracing the mountains on either side of us.

Our room had my hospital bed set up, but it was furnished neither with pillows nor bedding. There were no hangers. There was no internet connection, and this hotel is advertised as brand new! The light bulb was missing from our desk lamp and I had no bedside table for my bed. We scratched around, calling housekeeping repeatedly and eventually they dumped off the bedding. Jim made up the bed himself.

Then there was a mammoth wait for supper. We finally were seated near midnight, our time. By that time I was so weary I could barely eat anything. I was never so glad to see my bed! We all forgot the Gaia Meditation! So peace, Mother Earth!