Friday, February 22, 2008


What a day! It certainly had its challenges for me, as I continued to be unable to do almost any moving around without immediate and severe disability. Again, after Morning Offering I came upstairs to finish up e-mail and list-making and immediately and irresistibly fell fast asleep and slept until lunch time. I woke up in a profound sweat, which is undoubtedly excellent news, as the fever may well have been broken during my near-coma. Again, I had GI trouble on awakening which cued me in that until this illness passes I need to return to wearing diapers – and thank God for them!

I had a nail appointment right after lunch and when that was finished, my “do” was complete. Now I can do my work without worrying about how I look. I know I will look my best! So I can concentrate on doing a good job. I chose a French manicure this time, as it goes with everything I wear and will look well on stage. Since I talk expressively, with a lot of hand gestures to underline my thoughts, I know there will be some audience focus on my hands, especially since they have that big screen focused on me during my talk.

When I got home I discovered that somehow one of my nails had a dimple in the lacquer, so tomorrow before we leave I shall get Mick to become Mr. Jim, briefly, and tweeze up a little decorative flower with a diamante center to place on the boo-boo and cover that. I think I will put one on the other hand as well, in the same general place, to balance the art work. It will add, I think to the effect.

Mick and I came upstairs after my appointment and helped me pack until 4:00 p.m., when we took a break and I rested, having shot my wad for the nonce. Meanwhile Mick learned the routine on working the PowerPoint presentation behind my speech and packed up all our products for the vendor table.

We will use the generous luggage allowance of Southwest Airlines – 3 bags to check, a carry-on and one other item such as a purse or gentleman’s bag per passenger – and both gentlemen, Jim and Romi - shall carry two bags of L/L Research products and one personal bag as well as a carry-on. As for me, with my buddy-pillow and all my appurtenances, plus special outfits for the talk, the banquet, the cocktail party and the speaker’s dinner, I used all three suitcases for my clothes and accessories. Blush! Vanity, thy name is Carla! So sue me!

I chose to take blue jeans instead of going for skirts. I can re-wear them and save on the fuss of skirts, which wrinkle. And it is a blue-jean society these days. Fortunately I have lovely sweaters to go with the denim pants and will feel attractively and appropriately garbed throughout the convention days.

We did a bit more packing for me after Mick finished everything else, including sorting out two weeks’ worth of pills in their day-by-day carriers, so we do not have to take the mother lode of bottles. Now all I have left is to pack the computer bag, my carry-on, and my ergonomic purse, tomorrow morning after I do my journals. Preparations have come together seamlessly thanks to Mick’s utter devotion and good cheer in aiding me.

I had a good talk with Gary on the subject of the extra people who want to come to Channeling Intensive Two in June. He will write the three new people who want to come – Talitha, Maria and John – and line out what I expect them to do in the way of make-up work before they can join in it. I believe they will be glad to do the work, which is to listen to my speeches from CI -1, read the seven chapters of A Channeling Handbook and write an essay on Who Am I.

I am asking John K to come for a make-up review weekend, after he has done his homework, and before CI-2, and inviting Maria and Talitha (Talitha needs a scholarship ticket from California to Louisville and back to be able to join that. If anyone feels generous and wants to help the circle advance smoothly, we would welcome the donation of the cost of her ticket here – please, please step up and donate!) Otherwise I think I can work with her by e-mail, but of course it is not the same.

Gary offered the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight. Meanwhile we experienced an ice storm, so Gary had to stay over. Poor guy, he misses Valerie. But it’s insanely dangerous to drive in a regular car on an inch of glare ice! By tomorrow the storm shall have ended and we can hope for good roads.

I was sorry to put Mick off for a date tonight, but my energy condition is bankrupt, and there is no use trying to wrest my attitude up to snuff for an energy exchange today. Hopefully tomorrow will be a different story.

It all feels very good. All the hurdles are jumped. We are packed – except for last minute stuff - and Romi will join us tomorrow for the trip to the airport at 11 a.m. Whee! We’re off soon! I am stoked!

And I gave Ba permission to use an excerpt from one of our AQ sessions for her newsletter for Deep Springs.

I took some time to write Melissa, welcoming her to the house, and sent my friends at St. Luke’s an update on my situation. I also cleaned my office. I’m ready! Tomorrow I will pack my computer bag and purse and be ready to go on time. Yay!