Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Still feeling quite unwell, I happily rested after Morning Offering, falling asleep over my book in the morning hours and again in the afternoon. It is an unusual use to make of being in a resort hotel, but this is my hospital! And I feel sure that in the days to come I will continue to recover. Hopefully by Thursday I will feel much better! Even if I do not, I am good to go! Just try and keep me away from that podium on Thursday morning! I greatly look forward to offering my talk here.

Mick and Romi split up the vendor-table duties while I whiled away my hours here in this large, pleasant room. We continue to sell very little. I discovered that Romi will be here until tomorrow afternoon, and when he leaves he will carry back one of our loads of books with his extra suitcase, leaving Mick and me with far less to sell or to pack home here at the convention.

Aaron T. is coming in sometime this evening and we will rendezvous with her tomorrow. She hopes to be able to help at the vendor table also, which is very good indeed of her!

At 6:00 p.m., Mick and I attended the Speakers and Benefactors Dinner, a generously catered meal. We sat with Jordan, Russell, Joan and Mary, all benefactors and all of whom were aware of our work at L/L Research. Their kind words were heart-warming indeed! On my right sat Abigail, a fellow speaker with me at the Time of Global Shift gatherings back in 2003 and 2004. She is now on staff with this convention, which is very large and takes year-round production.

Afterwards, we all posed for group portraits which will go up on the International UFO Congress web site, www.ufocongress.com.

Mick and I prayed for peace together this evening in the midst of the banquet and offered our Gaia Meditation without fanfare at table.