Saturday, March 01, 2008


Happy Leap Day! The last day of February was gorgeous here, sunny and warm. After Morning Offering Mick and I helped Aaron make some sandwiches to take with her on her journey back to Los Angeles and, eventually, home to the northwest coast. After she left, Mick and I stretched together and then he went off to tend to the vendor table. We are beginning to sell out of our stock! Jim says we do have Book I, A Book of Days and the coloring book, What is Love, left, and some tee shirts, but the rest is sold out. Hooray!

I continued to rest except for coming down to the table several times to sign books. I also had a good talk with Phyllis Schlemmer, whom I had last seen in 1974 at Andrija Puharich’s house in Ossining, New York. She has long been a channel for The Nine, which was originally brought through by Mark Probert and on Andrija’s tape recorder. We had a good chat about Andrija and those days long past when we were working together. She suggested that perhaps she could find a group to sponsor a joint gathering for both her and me down in Florida where she lives now. I welcomed the thought! It would be good to work with Phyllis.

In the afternoon, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, an editor for Fate Magazine, came to the room and interviewed me for about an hour. She was interested in the beginnings of my story, how I got started with all the channeling and ET study. And it does make a good story! She took photos of me and I also promised her to send my publicity photos. I shall need to wait until I return home to do that, since I have no e-mail access here.

Other than that I rested all day, hoping to quell the coughing spells at last. We offered the Gaia Meditation a bit early so that we could see an episode of House on television. Mick offered the closing prayer tonight.