Friday, February 29, 2008


After a bath and a briefer than usual Morning Offering, Mick wheeled me down to the backstage area and Annie, on the Congress staff, got me wired for sound. I chatted for a few minutes with Leo Sprinkle before he stepped onstage to introduce me.

The talk went well, I think. It was a very positive and supportive audience and the PowerPoint presentation went well with no glitches in the first part, which was tagged to my topics, or in the second part, which was a slide show. I got some good questions at the end of the session.

I probably spent about an hour signing books after the presentation. It was grand to be selling books at a faster rate. We are now beginning to sell out of many of our offerings, which bodes well for being able to carry everything home after the Congress is over on Saturday. Our flight leaves the next day, Sunday. And it will be wonderful to be home again! Now that the speech has been offered, I can begin to look forward to that!

It was incredibly, miraculously lucky that I managed to move through the speech with only a couple of coughs. I made up for it the rest of the day, coughing myself silly, but being unable to cough anything up. I continue to feel quite ill. But I also feel absolutely thrilled and joyful! We stayed on task and did what we came to do!

In the afternoon I received two requests for interviews, one from a movie-maker whose name I still do not know and one from Fate Magazine. The filmer came to the room at eventide and filmed both Jim and me for about 15 minutes, for her documentary on waking up to love.

Jim took Aaron and me to Outback Steak House for dinner, mostly to thank Aaron for her hard work at the vendor’s table these last few days. It was a delicious meal! I offered the prayer at the Gaia Meditation, which we three offered together before Mick and I said good night to Aaron.

What bliss awaited me after that! Jim was feeling amorous and asked me for a date, so we ended our evening in sacred play, romping in the fields of the Lord.