Sunday, March 02, 2008


This was the last full day of Congress activity, the wrap-up for the convention. After Morning Offering Mick spent his morning hours selling a few last books and chatting once again with Phyllis Schlemmer, who was most cordial and donated generously to L/L Research.

After lunch, Mick packed up our vendor's table. We came with three suitcases full of books and tee shirts and today we sent home one suitcase full of our remaining books and one suitcase holding the remaining suitcase and some odds and ends. Romi also took home a suitcase of tee shirts for us when he left at midweek. It will be great to have only four suitcases to carry to the airport instead of the nine with which we three arrived!

After enjoying some basketball, Mick took me to the Aqua Bella Restaurant for some continental cuisine. Oh my, what a delicious meal we had! We skipped the last banquet of the Congress to have this meal, and it was the gourmet’s choice, for sure! We have eaten a whole lot of sandwiches in order to save money on food, which is expensive here as they have a captive audience in this huge casino, so the fine meal was a true treat for us both.

Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight and then we bathed and enjoyed one last lovemaking in this very pleasant, large room in which we have lived for the last nine days. It was lovely, and our descent into bedtime was slow and joy-filled.