Wednesday, March 05, 2008


It had rained all night, a cold and steady drizzle that left us with a flooded street and yard. After Morning Offering Jim went downtown to work amongst the raindrops for a realtor, doing landscaping at a house she has up for sale. The plan had been to put in a small patio but fortunately, before Mick got anything permanent done, the neighbor came out to explain that he was working on her yard, not the house’s that was up for sale.

He was stymied and came back to Camelot to work for the rest of the day at odd jobs while the realtor decides what to do instead of a patio. It was wonderful to have him home, as he got a lot of housekeeping done here and made our sweet home feel spick and span again. I imagine he will hit that landscaping job again tomorrow, given new orders.

I worked on e-mail until it was more or less caught up; that is, I am caught up on non-personal e-mails and have a growing stack of personal notes to answer – my usual situation through the weekdays. My correspondence included:

• Several notes to Melissa on everything from alpaca farming to a request for her to work with Michael at the Law of One Community farm up in Canada to forwarded Morning Blessings.
• Encouragement to Paul C as he offers a speech at his local library on UFOs and the Law of One.
• Thanks to Kathy R, my long-time singing companion in childhood choirs, the Louisville Bach Society and now St. Luke’s, for many encouraging e-mails from her during my illness.
• Thanks to “Joyous Chee” for deciding to use one of my articles in his next Cosmic Lighthouse e-zine. (
• Congratulations to Judy R for finally achieving the nearly impossible task of producing a final manuscript of The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues! She will now begin her final read-through, taking us ever closer to having a finished manuscript to send to Frank DeMarco for his offering of it to Hampton Roads Publishing.
• Thanks to Michelle M for her fascinating story of Jonathan Dunham’s travels with nothing but a heart full of desire to seek the Creator and a donkey. If you’d like to be inspired as well, the address for that story is (
• Thanks to Mike T for his e-mail making sure that he has my right address.
• The Holly Journal entries from 2-23 to the present, I forwarded to Mick, something I was unable to do in Laughlin. Jim is the only one who sees these little daily inspirations from Holly. Perhaps one day I will make another book of days using her Words for each day.
• Sympathy and prayers to Gerry B, another St. Luke’s choir friend, who has had an operation on her ankle and now contains a metal rod in her leg!
• A long letter to Cintia P, who wrote in describing a very severe psychic greeting as soon as she read The Law of One. If you have a moment, join with me in praying for Cintia, a lovely young woman with a harsh metaphysical challenge right now.
• An update to Renee C, my editor at UPI, letting her know about the ear tubes’ not working yet and about my upcoming visit to he heart specialist, Dr. Schmidt.
• A note to Rick C, letting him know the current status of our video materials. He is thinking of working on a video, but is not sure he wants to tackle ours!

Melissa made a quick run into town to bring Jim the chain saw she has been using on Avalon, since Mick’s is not working and he needs a chain saw for work later this week. We took some time to talk, and she was much cheered as she left to go up to Avalon again.

At lunch, Gary and I did some planning. We will start tomorrow on working up the tax worksheets in preparation for taking our information to our longtime tax preparer, Linda D, at Compton, Kottke and Associates. Linda began working on our tax returns in 1984!

We also chewed through some details having to do with the “Make-Up Weekend” which John K, Talitha L and Maria R will have with me in May. They all wish to attend the second Channeling Intensive in June, and since they missed the first one, there is some catching up to do. They will listen to the audio versions of all my talks from that first Intensive and we will review them together during that weekend. Many thanks to John K, who offered Talitha a scholarship so she could come to that weekend.

My hope had been to get back to writing today, but I wrote to Cintia instead, the composition taking me the whole afternoon. Sometimes the one little lost sheep is more important than the other ninety-nine! At least it felt right to me to take the time to encourage Cintia. I will get to the writing on the book again on the morrow.

Mick and I had a date after our bath, always an inspiriting and invigorating sharing of energy for us both. Afterwards we came downstairs to welcome Romi, who came over for a visit. We enjoyed conversation with Romi and he offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation.