Sunday, March 09, 2008


We had the heaviest snowfall in over a decade, starting yesterday and continuing today. As I watched the heavy storm move through from my bower office I knew I had never seen such a blizzard. Sometimes the very heavy snowfall was moving almost sideways in the roaring wind. Then it stopped, in the afternoon, and the sun came out on a world awash in white. It is perfectly beautiful!

After Morning Offering Jim spent the entire day on snow removal for his customers. He had to clean their walks three times, as snow fell so heavily. But all his customers who ask for this service were good to go when they needed to go!

I finished my search in the Law of One material on sacred sexuality quotes in the morning and by bath time had combed through the material from our site from other Confederation sources as well. I am full of good material to share and ready to write, come Monday.

We cancelled our usual study and meditation meeting due to the heavy snowfall. My little Outback was up to its bottom in the snow, Mick reported, but did just fine. However I doubt that a regular, 2-wheel-drive automobile would get far today. It was heavenly quiet, since no one was trying to drive.

I continued feeling especially poorly and was profoundly grateful for our very quiet Saturday night! I offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.