Friday, March 07, 2008


Our morning began with very chilly weather but a freak warm-up brought the temperature forty degrees higher by late afternoon, at which time the temperature turned tail and plummeted towards freezing again. With such uncertain weather, it is no wonder that this area’s folks are experiencing a lot of flu and colds!

After Morning Offering, Jim set out upon his day of storm debris removal for customers in Anchorage and clean-up at the downtown landscaping job, while I worked to recover from a nearly sleepless night, plagued with a bad stomach and coughing spells.

Sometimes such conditions are a very efficient spur to focusing on something I truly care about, and such was the case today. I managed to stay awake and by virtue of taking a late lunch, I wrote the healing section of Chapter 11 of Living the Law of One 101: The Choice! It felt wonderful to be moving on that project again.

After lunch Gary and I put in some more time on the taxes, getting through the Medical section of record-keeping for Schedule A deductions for the household and starting on Office in Home Expenses. And that, too, felt grand! Because of my many doctors, the medical statistics are a bear to corral and when we finished with that section I knew we’d broken the back of our job for this year. Gary will not be at his desk until next Tuesday, so we will wrap things up then. It will be good to have all the records off our desks and handed over to Linda D.

I also spent some time working with Gary on scheduling his time off. He will be gone quite a bit this month, and I am encouraging him, from now on, to spread out his absences to one per month.

I had a lovely end to the afternoon as I got my monthly pedicure and manicure. I chose a lavender polish this time to celebrate Lent! Now to find some outfits which include lavenders and purples. Fun, fun, fun for my silly, vain self!

I sent an e-mail to my beloved Mick, who chooses the sessions which we use for our Light/Lines Newsletters, letting him know that it is time to select a channeling for the spring issue. Gary let me know he'd brought Mick's file of sessions up to date and placed it by his chair.

Gary and I also talked by e-mail about our plans for Homecoming 2008. We both think it will be a good idea for every attendee to come with a presentation this year, in this way assuring that we will tackle items of interest to us all.

I was limp as a rag by bath time and slept through a good deal of the evening. Gary stayed late, cooking for next week, so we three enjoyed offering the Gaia Meditation together tonight, with Gary praying at the end.