Thursday, March 13, 2008


Melissa joined Mick and me for Morning Offering and then Mick set out to chop yet more wood and take some bushes out of a customer’s yard, work he can do while the snowmelt has the ground mushy in this sudden spring warmth. Before lunch he also went to take measurements and calculate supplies needed for rebuilding a fence while Melissa and I did errands, buying necessities for Avalon and stopping by Quest Diagnostics so I could be tapped for the blood work needed for the heart catheterization I’ll undergo next Monday.

Melissa and I spent the early morning sewing up the tax preparation worksheets. Now Gary just needs to add things up and we’re ready to visit Linda D. at Compton Kottke. I made an appointment with her for next Tuesday. It was a full morning, but most satisfying to put that chore behind us for another year!

After a good lunch together Jim headed back out and worked through the afternoon, arriving home a bit late, while Mel watched a DVD here at Camelot and then departed for Avalon.

I tackled the work of writing a note to the Channeling Intensive attendees about a blog entry I made last week concerning an attendee whom I had asked not to attend any more Intensives. Several of the attendees had written to ask for more details and I was glad to offer them. It’s a simple case of the man not feeling my being an instrument for the Confederation’s teaching of channeling is a good idea. He asked Mick to ask me to stop doing it when we were all three in Laughlin a couple of weeks ago. Logic told me that he would get nothing out of attending any workshop whose sole purpose is to develop a Confederation channeling circle.

It is an important thing to respect the integrity of the “family” our Channeling Intensive attendees have become and I was in the wrong for putting such details in my blog before writing to the whole group and assuring them that although the gentleman will not attend the next Intensive, he is still beloved and invited to anything else we do, whether official Gatherings or just whenever he wishes to visit L/L Research. So I took some quality time and filled in the blanks for them all. I encouraged them to write further if they wish to talk further about this.

I got a bit of reviewing of Chapter 11 done before I ran out of time when Mick ran our bath, but most of the reading is still to do. I shall tackle that read-through tomorrow. I did have some catalyst because I am so eager to finish the chapter up that I was tempted to begrudge the time the letter would take to write, but obviously relationships are more important than projects and I know that for sure, so I quickly reconciled myself to losing the book time.

Mick and I had an outstanding evening of loving companionship and music as we went to Clifton’s Pizza to hear Walker and Kays play cool jazz and visit with Linda and Larry W. I met Linda in 1969, almost forty years ago, and fell in love with this saintly woman on the spot, a situation that has in no way changed. I love Larry too, of course, but Linda and I are deep, deep friends. And what a blessing it is to spend time with such friends! It’s food for the soul! The music was grand and the pizza was too!

I offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.