Tuesday, March 11, 2008


In a chilly breeze, Mick and I went to see Dr. Schmidt before we had our Morning Offering. He is a heart specialist and suggested that a heart catheterization would tell him much more than he knows now about what might be causing these symptoms that are currently immobilizing me. I agreed and it will occur next Monday, even earlier!

Mick and I did the Morning Offering, I doing the readings as he drove around to do errands, on the way home. We finished the last reading as we turned down our street, and prayed at the end in the garage before coming in. It seemed a particularly tidy way to get an early appointment done and not miss out on Morning Offering! I even got my puzzles done as I waited for the doctor.

I worked on the sacred sexuality section of Chapter 11 for the remainder of the morning and all of the afternoon. I have not gotten the flow I want yet. I shall persevere tomorrow! Meanwhile Mick cut up a forest of felled trees for his customers. He can only do so much before he has to wait for dryer weather, though. It is frustrating him that the earth is so very soft! Only a week ago it was frozen hard and equally frustrating him. The life of a yard man is not simple!

We enjoyed a date after our bath, sharing the Creator’s good energy, and then settled into an evening of Star Trek: Enterprise episodes. I offered the prayer at the end of the Gaia Meditation tonight.