Wednesday, March 12, 2008


As the snowmelt continued, Jim put in a full day of working with various customers’ storm debris. He is piling up a huge supply of limbs which he has cut up. However the yards are all too wet for him to collect his work and remove it from their property, so he is greatly hoping for a couple of days of bone-dry weather! His hope may be in vain, though, as more rain is due this weekend.

After Morning Offering I put in a solid morning working on the sacred sexuality section of Chapter 11. After lunch I drove into town to pick up Melissa, who had some work done on her car in the downtown area. I sailed around her location three times before finally finding the tiny shop. She waved me down and boy, was I glad to see her!

I gave blood at LabCorp on the way home for Dr. June’s monthly tests and then came home and finished the chapter!! I was doing my happy dance mentally when I set out with Melissa to restore her to her car. Of course I need to read the section through again and then the whole chapter before declaring it finished, but these details are quickly concluded! How good it feels to move ahead! Chapter 11 is my longest chapter in this book, 27 pages in manuscript. Hopefully it is a good 27 pages!

Romi came over for the Gaia Meditation, at which Mick offered the closing prayer, and then we enjoyed conversation until Jim’s and my bedtime. He and Melissa were still chatting when we said good night.