Thursday, March 20, 2008


The rains continued for most of this wet, wet day. Our wet-weather spring is running and overflowing its banks in our yard and the ditches along Hazelwood are almost full! It is very seldom that we have this much standing water. Spring is truly coming in with a fanfare of wind and rain.

After Morning Offering I succumbed to the desire to play some solitaire and wasted most of the morning happily watching my luck rise and fall. I got myself in hand by 10:00 and spent the rest of the morning working on my journals and catching up some e-mail. I sent Mick a notice I’d gotten that our favorite downtown club, The Jazz Factory, will be closing next week. What a sad thing for Louisville! We decided to make reservations there for one of the closing nights next week. When I called to make the reservation later in the day I expressed my deep sadness that this golden era in Louisville’s jazz scene must end.

Michael of the Law of One Community effort, currently in Canada, wrote to say that he has experienced a total blockage of his plans there in Canada and asked me for advice. After assuring him that I am often wrong, I suggested that he release his present plans and open himself to the wings of spirit. There is no use trying to push ahead in one particular way when many other ways may open themselves to him.

I suggested dowsing for locations and ran on about the beauty of this sweet land, Kentucky. The foothills of the Appalachians are a wonderful environment and Louisville is the best little/big city in the universe, so I invited him to come stay with us and venture out in his car to look for places in this area. I wish him the very best. He is attempting to do pretty much what L/L Research is attempting at Avalon, and we know how slowly this goes, yet how right it feels to have set our intention and begun the beau geste.

And I finished the morning by writing a note to my neighbor, Calvin. She has recently lost her brother, and yet wrote me to find out how I was. What a loving woman, and how lucky we are to have her across the street from us!

After lunch Mick drove me over to Bachman Subaru to drop off Stanley Outback for his oil change and check-up. On the way back we purchased new carry-on computer back-packs for us both. Gary had found this very handy item at Office Max. Incredibly, only two were left and they were on sale! Now we are far readier for a trip than before! Backpacks are so handy! With his carry-on on his back, Mick’s hands will be free to push my wheelchair. And I can put mine on my lap. My old carry-on had a slot for my laptop which was almost too small, and I struggled mightily with it at the security checks.

I used the remainder of the afternoon to read through and vet the session Mick chose for the next issue of Light/Lines. Now I am ready to write the comments for that tomorrow morning and, hopefully, get that off to Ian for posting on line.

I took my first shower since the heart catheterization test Monday! It feels good to be clean all over! I shall need to take showers until next week, jus to insure that the puncture into the big vein and artery will not open.

Romi came for a visit tonight and brought a bottle of good Riesling, which we enjoyed together along with television and conversation. Mick offered the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.