Friday, March 21, 2008


Today's weather was a gift, heralding spring with sun and bonnie breezes, the temperature rising into the 60s F. After Morning Offering I continued catching up a bit on urgent e-mail. I made an appointment to offer the rite of the Reconciliation of a Penitent with Father Joe tomorrow morning, which will be Good Friday. It will be a great blessing to be able to make my confession for Lent and have Holy Eucharist, since I have not been up to climbing the steps at church since last October. I greatly miss singing in the choir and participating in the services! Hopefully Dr. Aboud, my GP, will continue to investigate these symptoms and find something to repair or medicate soon that will enable me to return.

I sent a couple of angels forth today, one for Michael, whose brother is dying of cancer and one for a friend who is deeply mired in the process of breaking up a twenty-five-year marriage at his wife’s request. Little Rosie, whom I met in 1971, wanted to be with Michael and his brother, and for the first time St. George asked me to send him out, to the other fine soul. How much suffering there is in this world, and yet we never need to face it alone. Spirit is with us in so many ways, the angels being just one.

Our web guy, Ian, responded to my sending of the transcript of the speech I gave at Laughlin with a request to acquire the audio version of it, plus the PowerPoint presentation which ran behind it. I forwarded that request to Gary. Hopefully he will have the technical chops I lack in order to make that happen.

Ian also has an idea: creating iTunes-model audio versions of our channeling sessions to sell in our on-line store. The cost to the customer is less than a dollar per download, and instead of one song, the customer receives from us about an hour’s worth of channeling, so it is a good bargain. I sent that idea on to Gary also, and asked him to converse further with Ian as to how to make this happen. I love the idea! The audio versions of the sessions carry a strong presence which is magnetized to the recording during transmission.

I finished the morning out by collecting a recipe for Tuna Latkes topped with Citrus Nayonnaise. Yum! A great Lenten dish!

Melissa got out the dolly and put the boxes of supporting files for all three of our tax entities, our household, L/L Research and Jim’s Lawn Service on it and took it all downtown. We treated ourselves to lunch first (with a coupon) at Red Lobster before sailing downtown to the 22nd floor of a high rise overlooking the Ohio River, where we spent two hours culling through all our tax records with Linda D, our long-time tax preparer. I never can find the wit to enjoy this process, which feels like a trip to the dentist, but Linda makes the time as painless as possible.

From her window we could see the Ohio in full spate. It was ugly. The water was fully brown rather than silver gray and there were enormous numbers of sawyers floating past, dangerous, mostly submerged trees which the flood had swept away from the bank. No sensible person goes out on the river on a day like this so the river was free of barges and boats. The flood’s crest is expected tomorrow, at least three feet over flood stage.

Melissa did some town chores when we returned, while I came upstairs and worked on the comments for the upcoming version of our Light/Lines Newsletter.

After bath time, Mick and I rejoined Melissa and we watched together a perfectly gorgeous movie, Love in the Time of Cholera. Benjamin Bratt, Gina Bernard-Forbes, Giovanna Mezzogiorno, Javier Bardem and Marcela Mar conspired to offer a seamless ensemble in telling the slight story of thwarted romance, but the plot was negligible compared to the transcendent beauty of the cinematography. It reminded me forcibly of art films of the sixties and seventies from the happier Italian maestros of the time. Every frame of this film was thoughtfully composed and my senses swam in the delight of overwhelming, persistent artistic vision.

I offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.