Friday, March 28, 2008


This is a remarkable day! Today I finished Living the Law of One 101: The Choice!!!!! I’m so excited! After Morning Offering I came upstairs prepared to start on the next section of the last chapter, but nothing I tried was right. So I went back to the first section and reread it. And it came to me: this is it! This is all I need to say to sum it all up.


After lunch I edited the transcript of our most recent session to send to Ian for the next issue of Light/Lines. I agree with Mick’s assessment – it is indeed a good session and I think people will enjoy it.

I also managed to outlive my dental appointment this afternoon! I have an unreasoning fear of dentists, stemming from terrible experiences as a child with tooth-pulling without pain-killers. My adult teeth, when they started growing in, were obviously too large for my mouth, and it was good that the dentist pulled three of them to make room for the rest, but unfortunately the roots of them were all wrapped around the bone and they did not yield easily. Ever since then, I have had trouble being calm at the dentist’s. Dr. Cranfill, for such is my dentist’s appropriate name, suggested that I try sedation next time, and I believe I will. I got two fillings replaced which I had cracked over long years of use. I was thrilled to survive the appointment.

Jim, too, had a fine day, getting done all he had hoped to do plus some, and surprising himself by just how much work he was able to fit into his day! He is remarkable. He can get more done for a customer in an hour than most gardeners can do in three.

It was a divine coincidence that we had planned to go to The Jazz Factory tonight to say good-bye to it, for it is closing after a five-year run. It was such a great place, a place I loved to go and was proud to bring people to, a sophisticated place where you got good music and good food and great atmosphere. I asked Ken Shapero, the proprietor, what had caused him to close it and he said that while it filled up for special events and weekends, he could not bring people out on a weekday. Without the steady trade, he could not pay his bills. It made me want to sign up for coming in every Tuesday or something!

Anyway, it was a fine celebration, with Harry Pickens playing cool jazz and my beautiful husband wearing his party shirt. We had such a good time. We did the Gaia Meditation between sets, and I offered the closing prayer.