Sunday, March 23, 2008


A chilly sun graced our day as the energies of winter continue to worry at the cuffs of Mr. Spring’s trousers. I spent my morning writing my journals, as I had overslept badly and lost my usual early morning momentum, and collecting three new cabbage recipes to add to the database, as Jim asked for more choices. I barely began to edit the channeling session which closed our first Channeling Intensive last February 10th before noon.

After lunch, I came back to it and completed the editing. It was a lazy day, with a couple of inadvertent naps for me amidst the editing.

After our bath, Mick and I welcomed Romi, Gary and Carl, a new member from the Indiana knobs, to our regular meditation group meeting. Gary had come with a question about the proper attitude of the seeker towards words of wisdom. Mick liked the Q'uo group's response well enough that he asked to use this session for the next newsletter. I look forward to editing it.

Carl is a healer and stayed late, talking with Mick and me about his gift. He reports that he has achieved all kinds of miraculous cures for people who have followed his advice. We look forward to meeting his wife next Saturday.

After he left, Mick and I piled into bed and found a late-night episode of Gray’s Anatomy to while us to sleep.