Thursday, April 10, 2008


After Morning Offering I began my day by collecting three good-looking recipes from today’s newspaper, one for mushroom rice stroganoff, one for sausage-ham balls, and a cheddar-pecan spread. I also reworked a green bean recipe for Mick to use for this upcoming week’s cooking. He was looking for something simple, and I created a one-step, vegetarian recipe which uses homemade broth, onion, herbs and crushed tomatoes for flavoring.

Then I worked with the e-mail backlog from my to-do list for the rest of the day. By the day’s end I had written to:

• Ian, sharing memories of Lights Out, which we greatly enjoyed here at Camelot
• Lana L-B, who is endeavoring to write a book for beginners about America, its history and heritage of ideals and what we need to do now to recapture those ideals, encouraging her to give it her best shot
• John P, in Britain, responding to a long and thoughtful letter about being a Wanderer and volunteering for this tough duty on Earth
• Sharon D, responding to her questions about her son, a Wanderer who is struggling and has been for most of his life
• Linda P-S, responding to her questions about the speech in Laughlin and letting her know she can find the text and the audio versions in Carla’s Page now on the site
• Gary, asking him about Lindy’s suggestion that we post our readings on You-Tube
• Eli Edelson, responding to his query about my weekly UPI columns. I let him know that until I finish my attempts to get relief for my condition, which comes about in May, I will hold off making a decision about returning to them. It is a question of how much energy I will have, so I must wait until I’ve exhausted the medical options before knowing my true situation.
• Lindy T, thanking her for the photos of her family and wishing her well on her daughter’s upcoming wedding. Lindy and I were at the Mind Link in 1977 together.
• Monica L, working with her on her issues regarding her son
• Terry H, thanking him for his New Year’s greetings (I am SOOOO late in responding to some of these letters!) and agreeing that a photo archive on line for L/L Research would be great, and we should open the job up to volunteers
• Dr. John E from the Isle of Man, wishing him well on his family’s move from Ireland
• Marcelo G, responding to his inquiries about my health and my writing
• Marcia M, thanking her for kind words and asking for her transcript of a recent channeling she has done on DNA

Once again I fell asleep during the Gaia Meditation, and Mick offered the closing prayer. Perhaps I should stop visualizing the blue planet and then surrounding it with violet light! It has put me to sleep two days in a row!

I am happy to say that I’ve gotten over half of my back e-mails answered. Hopefully tomorrow will see the end of that backlog and the beginning of my assault on my backed-up snail-mail correspondence. My hope is to get all caught up on the to-do list by the time I receive more chapter comments from Steve M.