Sunday, April 06, 2008


What a perfectly delightful Saturday! The sun shone and a pleasantly brisk breeze began drying out our soggy ground and inviting the streams and river to come back to their banks. The temperature rose close to 60 F! Ah! Wonderful!

Before we enjoyed our breakfast, Mick and I took his truck, Sybil Dakota, in for a check-up. Yesterday, she started acting oddly, with her windshield wipers refusing to work, suddenly, and idiot lights coming on, on the dashboard. I followed Jim in and then drove us both home for breakfast. It was grand to see more and more green – today the willow tree on Hazelwood and all the wild honeysuckle are in leaf, and a near-by “naked magnolia” is suddenly in bloom. It is an unusual tree in that it offers its blossoms before its leaves bud; hence the name. And the vinca minor is in its purple majesty now in our yard.

Mick did some chores and cleaned the kitchen while I came upstairs and finished the editing on the talk on psychic greeting I had given for the first channeling intensive in February.

Then we went out again for an extended run of errands which involved getting a replacement tail light for his trailer, going by the bank, filling the car with gas and getting me a wheelchair so that Mick can push me up the ramp into church for services on Sundays and avoid the problem of stairs, which has kept me from church since last October. It is a nice wheelchair, provided by Medicare thanks to Dr. June’s prescription. It has raise-able leg supports, which will enable me to sit for longer than half an hour without my feet and legs beginning to swell. It will do very well.

I was amazed at Medicare’s discount. The price quoted to us for such a chair was $400.00. They charged Medicare less than $60.00. Wow! Things like this make me wonder what items would cost if companies simply charged what they needed in order to pay their suppliers.

I fell asleep at the computer when I came upstairs after we got home, and barely woke in time for our bath. Jim and I enjoyed the whirlpool and then we stayed downstairs to say good-bye to Lorena, who was heading home with Reiko. She has gotten her newsletter done, with all the copies ready to mail out, and all her letters to prisoners ready to mail out as well. She said it was a great visit! She certainly provides a most loving service for L/L Research on behalf of incarcerated souls who love the Law of One.

She crossed paths with Romi, who was coming in for our regular meditation meeting as she and Reiko were leaving. It was our first silent meditation in four weeks, as I have been making up for losing a session in February due to illness with three public channeling sessions in a row. And what a joy it was! My only problem was staying awake. I was, for some reason, amazingly weary all day today.

The rest of the evening was spent in conversation and Romi’s Love Tea. I offered the Gaia Meditation as we came out of silent meditation.