Sunday, April 13, 2008


Saturday dawned cold, damp and drizzly, an inauspicious day for Thunder Over Louisville! I felt sympathy for the event’s promoters and the vendors at the riverfront plaza, as many fewer people viewed the event than usual. I was tickled that this was one day Mick did not have to be out in the wet, but in the afternoon he went to St. Luke’s just to touch up around the church.

After Morning Offering I whittled the list of snail mail letters I owe to zero! What a good feeling. I wrote to Leo S, who had suggested a health substance new to me, something called EpiCor. The web site selling that is, if you’d like to check it out. Leo introduced me when I spoke at the International UFO Congress in February and he had been most eager for me to try this. It is supposed to boost auto-immune activity. I thanked him for being so kind as to introduce me at the convention and told him I’d sent away for some tablets to try.

Susie S, who for over a decade distributed a fanzine for The Law of One called the LOON – Law of One Newsletter – sent a delightful collection of Christmas greetings she received from nine of the original subscribers. She retired from sending these out quite a few years ago, but the little family that traded news for all those years in the eighties and nineties still keeps in touch with her to an extent. It was splendid to hear how those good people were doing. I wrote Susie to thank her for the long and newsy update on our Loonie family.

I took the afternoon to write to Talitha L, a gifted, loving healer who is also one of the three attending the make-up session for those who were not able to come to our first Channeling Intensive but who wished very much to catch up and be a part of the circle for the second Intensive, planned for June. She had a reading for me which was quite detailed and multifaceted and I thanked her for all of the effort and love that went into it. I look forward greatly to seeing her again in May when the make-up session is scheduled.

By the time I got my envelopes addressed, Michael Shane had arrived and it was getting dark! We greeted him and conversed for a while before Mick and I excused ourselves to bathe before the weekly meeting. Shane had brought the mushroom plugs for us to pass on to Melissa. I know she will be thrilled to have them!

Gary arrived back from his vacation in the Rockies full of joy at the wonderful time he’d had and worked at the L/L Research helm all afternoon, then joined us for supper and meditation. Allen F also drove down from the Cincinnati area to join us for the meeting. Our faithful Romi was out of town visiting his brother and so could not come, but although we missed him, we had a good group. Gary had a question about how people who have worldly responsibilities can become spiritually advanced. And Allen had many questions as well, at the end of the meeting. I look forward to editing the transcript.