Friday, April 11, 2008


It had been predicted as a rainy day, but we got lucky. Rain fell all around us, but not much here, so after Morning Offering Jim got in a full day’s work, much to his delight and surprise. He had prudently gotten all the mowing for the week done early, so he could take this day to clean up the substantial property of a customer’s brother, who also lives in Anchorage. Then he was able to fit in some gardening for another customer, doing preparatory weeding, planting lots of annuals and then spreading mulch for her. He said she really went wild with the flowers this year! He planted flat after flat, making her property really pop!

Meanwhile I made some telephone calls, confirming an appointment next week, giving information for a hospital procedure May 7th and responding to a call from Subaru. It turns out that my salesman thought I might be ready for another car!

Fat chance! Mick and I both judge the time for selling our vehicles to be minutes before they completely die! Jim’s still driving his 1990 Dakota. I traded in my previous car, a 1992 Cougar, in 2005 when bad gas got into the engine and I overheard a mechanic telling the secretary at the dealership that all the cylinders would probably go within six months. So I fixed the cylinder that had deteriorated and went to the Subaru dealership with it that very day!

I got a $400 trade-in allowance for the car. I ordered my new car with a trailer hitch installed. That bill came to $400. It blew my little mind at the time that an entire car was worth one trailer hitch!

The rest of my day was spent on my to-do list. I am thrilled to say I finished all the personal e-mails! Of course, I already have two dozen letters in my Inbox, but they are new ones. I wrote to:

• Melissa, thanking her for scoring some used romance novels for me very cheaply and welcoming her and Michael Shane to tomorrow night’s meditation and study meeting. Michael Shane is visiting from Canada to give L/L Research’s Avalon Farm a large supply of mushroom starts for Melissa’s carefully prepared logs.
• MJA, responding to her questions about my speech in Laughlin and giving her the heads-up that I will soon be working on The Alphabet Mosaics, Dana Redfield’s last book project. I asked her to share other addresses with me to whom I might write and ask for donations for this printing, and also asked her for an article for the e-book version.
• Mary Rodwell, a gifted and hard-working therapist in Australia who has studied UFO contactees and their drawings and art. She will be speaking in Toronto this summer. I let her know the two DVDs we had from her and also told her that we were soon to start on The Alphabet Mosaics, asking her for contacts and also for material for the e-book version.
• Morris H, responding to a thoughtful letter on healing and wellness
• Paul C, thanking him for his excellent transcription of one of the sessions from our first Channeling Intensive
• Judy S-C, a MacDuffie classmate, thanking her for her newsy update on career and family happenings
• Roman V, discussing the Billy Meier case with him after looking at Meier’s web site,
• Talitha L, thanking her for her two excellent letters and promising her a snail-mail letter from me answering them both (This sounds odd, but she sends her letters both by e-mail and snail-mail and I respond by snail-mail.)
• WFPK, who cannot find who sings the song, “Love Will Come Set Me Free”. I heard it on that station but did not catch who wrote it or performed it, or the title of the CD from which it comes. I would like to get a copy. Does anybody who reads this know that song? Let me know!
• Pupak H-B, thanking her for her donation and asking after her. My little hoopoe-bird and her husband, Peter B, have flown to India and I have not heard from them since – perhaps four months ago now. Give me a shout, Pu!

I am happy to say that I stayed awake tonight and offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation!