Wednesday, April 16, 2008


It’s tax day! The news before bedtime was full of videos of long lines of people rushing to the post office at the last minute to get their forms postmarked on time. I was very grateful that Doris saw to our taxes for the household and for Jim’s Lawn Service yesterday. Our L/L Research tax report is not due for another month, and as a non-profit company we never owe taxes on that, so although we have another round to go before we can fuggedabowdit for another year, the anxious, money-owing part of tax time is done. Praise the Lord!

After Morning Offering, Mick was off until bath time on his round of lawns to make beautiful, while I spent my time editing two recent channeling sessions that had come in from Gary’s Inbox. It feels so good to send those sessions on to the web site for inclusion in our library on-line! It takes a substantial amount of my time to get a transcript edited, but it is very much worth it.

I heard from Ian, our webmaster for, that he is recoding the entire site! What an amazing task to undertake! He says that the old coding, which uses frames, no longer works nearly as well as other options with which he has now experimented on two other web sites, Joshia’s and his wife’s. He likes it a lot. He says that it is superior, among other reasons, because people can bookmark specific things within the site, which many want to do.

I have cut down on my solitaire, which I often play after moving around while I collect myself and stop panting, and also when I am having trouble focusing, in favor of working with my recipe database. It does the same thing as solitaire in that it relaxes me without troubling my brain much and it is just as enjoyable to me. It feels like a very productive change of habit!

Romi visited tonight and Gary stayed after he finished working at the L/L Research helm to join the conversation. It was most enjoyable. Gary offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation.

I saw that Gary got all the hard-copy Light/Line newsletters ready to mail out to the prisoners and other people on our list who do not like or have access to computers. For the most part, people like to get them on-line, and we send the issues out digitally to our ever-growing send list.