Sunday, April 27, 2008


This was a low-energy putter-day for me. I played with the recipe database a good bit, sorting the chaos of recipes for white potatoes into categories so that Jim can more easily find what he wants when he is selecting the menu for the week to come. And I batted away at the ever-burgeoning e-mail in-box.

Melissa was in town doing her laundry and replacing our bar sink faucets. She thought she was going to work on the big kitchen sink’s faucets as well, but the little bar sink started leaking as soon as she had finished with the faucets. Upon investigation she discovered that the leak was coming not from the faucets but from the drain. It was as if the drain were saying, “Hey, as long as you are in the neighborhood, fix me too!” So she got a replacement drain and we now have a beautiful, new-looking bar sink! Thank you, Melissa!

Gary sent me a video of a speech by Martin Luther King on the Viet Nam War which was truly worth watching. If you would like to listen, that address is It made me proud to be part of the generation which expressed enough activism to halt that war. I remember seeing Dr. King speak in Frankfort, Kentucky in 1963 when I was part of a march there for fairer wages.

We enjoyed a supper with Tommy around 6 p.m., cheering him because he came in second in his age group and 49th overall in the 26-mile race. He greatly enjoyed the long, hard run, part of which took the runners around the infield at Churchill Downs.

Allen F drove down from Ohio for the meditation and Romi came to join us also. Allen had brought with him a series of questions on the spiritual nature of the artistic impulse. It will be interesting to read it when I edit the transcription.

I prayed at the end of our meditation, including prayers for Gaia.