Saturday, April 26, 2008


Our Edenic weather continued today as Mick and Gary went forth after Morning Offering to blitz the hood with beauty. I spent my work day editing another session of the first Channeling Intensive. It took me all day. So far I’ve edited the introductory talk, the session on psychic greeting, both of the tuning practice sessions, the Q and A session, the two channeling practice circles and the final channeling which was by me alone. I have four sessions left to edit, on preparing to channel, challenging spirits, making a workroom and visualizing your guidance. They have not yet come back from the transcribers.

And there is a thirteenth session on tuning one’s instrument which did not fully record, as we had a glitch and after the first hour, the recorder began to re-record over the first part of the session. So we only have the ending Q and A from that session. I hope to recover the Q and A from that recording and also to give the speech on tuning again during our make-up session next weekend. That way we will have complete audio and text versions of my teaching at this CI-1.

I think it will constitute a good resource for our web site. Jim was talking last night about making the sessions into a printed book. We’ll see. I doubt it. It makes an excellent e-book, though.

It will be a good group! Jim, Gary and Romi will attend just to help. The three people reviewing the material which was studied at Channeling Intensive I, Talitha, Maria and John, will round out the group. What an unusual way for us to spend Derby weekend! Hopefully the three will be fully prepared to join CI-2 in June after this workshop. They have studied for this make-up session by listening to all my talks from CI-1 and taking notes. We’ll review the notes together.

In the evening Mick and I enjoyed a date and shared energy as bright and playful as a sunbeam. We came downstairs just as my brother Tommy arrived from the airport. He is staying here while he runs in the Derby Marathon. It's great to see him!

Mick offered the prayer at the close of the Gaia Meditation tonight.