Tuesday, April 22, 2008


We awoke to a magical, mysterious and profound fog which lay over the whole area as far east as West Virginia, and I reveled in it! By noon it had burned off and by nightfall we had warmed up to the 70s F! Ah, spring! We also had an aftershock of the earthquake we experienced a couple of mornings ago, but it was too faint for Louisvillians to feel, for the most part. Certainly it was not the attention-getter the first one was!

After Morning Offering Mick went to dance with the devas on his trusty mowers while I determined to make a chart of my chapters’ subject headings for the 101 book. That twelfth chapter is the end of the book, and I have decided that it needs a bit of tweaking. So I am creating this chart detailing the chapters' content, and then I will write a short bullet point for each chapter, using those topic headings as guides to be sure that I have the heart of each chapter in “bullet” form. Previously I ended Chapter 12 by saying that this book is the bullet for humans on Planet Earth at Harvest. Later it struck me that I should enumerate the bullets and “tell ‘em what I told ‘em!”

Things went smoothly until I was working with Chapter 7, at which point I discovered that my reworking of the chapter was missing. I shook my head, for I know that I did that work! But I gave up at length and did it again. Then I tried to move on.

But no. Hold the phone! Chapter 8’s reworked version was also missing! I spent over an hour fruitlessly trying to figure out if I did indeed have the final re-write. I apparently do not.

So I wrote Steve M, whose comments have provided the basis for my reworking of each chapter, and asked him to send me the reworked chapters I sent to him after I finished absorbing his comments on each chapter. When he sends them I will save each of them VERY carefully with a special title – “final version”. As I wrote Steve, sometimes I am a bear, or rather an wol, of very little brain!

I will rest easy only when I have those rewrites safely stored away. And I will make hard copies of them as well. This is two years' work, and more, for I have spent three months now reworking the chapters and getting them ready for the final read-through. This work is precious to me!

I also had fun making a new Daily Report Form for Jim’s Lawn Service. As he has gotten ever more proficient, he has been able to add more customers, and the previous form did not have enough spaces for him to note all his daily work. It’s so neat when I can actually help Mick. For the most part, physically speaking, he helps me! And I love these rare occasions when I can physically help him.

I continue to collect recipes while I recover from climbing the stairs or otherwise moving around during the workday. So far I have completed the salmon, broccoli and dip sections and am aimed at tomatoes and tuna! With about 3,000 recipes collected over the years, and the vast majority of them not yet worked up into my style of cooking, this form of relaxation will last me a long time. And at the end of it we should have the basis for a good cookbook. Usually people love my recipes, because I enjoy adding just the right herbs and spices to the list of ingredients and getting more complex flavors. As well, we keep homemade broth on hand and use that, which makes a healthy difference.

After our bath, Mick and I had an amazing romp in the fields of the Lord, making me aware that we help each other in this energy exchange enormously. Mick always says his frontal lobes stream with pulses of inspiration and spiritual energy for hours after we make love. And I emerge from lovemaking free of pain and infinitely refreshed. I usually drop off to a lovely nap afterwards while Mick rides his waves of inspiration beside me. What a blessing to any mated pair to share in this sacred play together.

I offered the prayer at the Gaia Meditation this evening.