Tuesday, April 29, 2008


The weather today was chilly enough that after Morning Offering, Mick took off in his field jacket. It stayed brisk all day and lowered to small rains by nightfall. I stayed warm and dry working on my to-do list. While I am waiting for the comments on Chapters 9-12 of 101: The Choice, I am catching up with my other chores. Today it was e-mail and recipes.

I am beginning to see progress with the recipe database. All the baked chicken breast recipes are now reworked, as well as all the stewed chicken recipes. I’ve worked my way through all the au gratin potato recipes and the asparagus and cabbage recipes. Now I am working on the skillet-made chicken breast recipes and carrots and corn. It is good to see the project coming along.

Since I wrote e-mails all day, I shall not bore you with every letter! A highlight was a conversation which is ongoing between Ian and me. It began with our exchanging stories of how we spent our Lights Out evening. We are now examining the basic principles of conservation. Ian’s point is that rather than focusing on conserving energy, we should have the wit to realize that there is an infinite amount of energy out there – witness the splitting of the atom – and it is our task to develop new technologies for sustainable energy.

He is so right! We have accepted the small-minded, fear-based “not enough” attitude which is driving oil prices up and causing us to engage is a seemingly endless war in the Middle East. How I wish we could coax our governmental leaders into pouring real money into solar, water, air and earth power research. Nicola Tesla, I found when I was doing research for Andrija Puharich back in the late ‘70s, had found a way to tap the energy of the earth itself. When he died, all his work was confiscated and this technology was never mentioned again.

I also wrote several letters to people close to Dana Redfield. As soon as I am able to wind up the 101 project I want to edit her Alphabet Mosaics. So I am beginning to amass a mailing list of those who would be interested in contributing to a collection of remembrances of her, as well as contributing money for their own copies of her printed book.

It was a most pleasant day for me, made even better by Mick’s return. He had had a busy day, working his way through his schedule for Monday and then doing an extra job for a customer. We enjoyed a bath together and then a lovely date.

I offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.