Monday, May 05, 2008


The Sabbath dawned chilly and sunny and the day stayed cool. We gathered for Morning Offering and then worked on Q and A concerning the last remaining bits of the tuning process. At 10:00, Steve T took me to choir practice and stayed for the service at 11:00. Meanwhile, Mick drove down to Steve F’s estate and cut his grass.

The attendees were assigned the work of going through their tuning processes and filling in the missing pieces, such as making their workrooms and contacting their helpers. They went through their processes together, broke to talk about their experiences and then practiced the tuning process again during the remainder of the morning.

Steve and I returned at lunchtime and we had delicious conversation to go with our good food. It turned out that all the attendees had a very easy time creating their safe places and finding their Gatekeepers and guidance systems.

I lay down to rest until 2:00, when I roused and came downstairs again to work with our first channeling circle. The group did extremely well. We need to create a better microphone system, however, as the channelers furthest from my tie-pin mike did not get picked up clearly. Romi, Gary and I agreed to tackle that logistical problem before the June session.

Again I took a short nap. Then we had a round-robin discussion and a session with me channeling Q’uo. The attendees had some interesting questions for the Q’uo group about how the channeling connection is made.

The rest of the day went all too quickly. The group began to disband, first with Maria leaving and then with Steve T getting on the road. John and Talitha will leave tomorrow. We enjoyed a Gaia Meditation together, and Gary offered the closing prayer.