Saturday, May 03, 2008


I overslept this morning, awakening just in time to brush my teeth and join Mick for a brief snuggle before arising. After Morning Offering I had my chapel time, wrote my Holly Journal entry for today and then my Camelot Journal entry for yesterday.

Jim and Gary took off in a hurry after Morning Offering, as the weather was lowering and they had many lawns to make beautiful before raindrops fell. They barely succeeded, mowing the last yard in a drizzle. The hard rain held off, however, until they arrived home. Praise the Lord!

I worked more on the Introduction to The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues and then came down to welcome Talitha L, the first attendee of this Channeling Intensive make-up session to arrive. She had been traveling since before midnight yesterday, California time. We had a good conversation over lunch at The Alley Cat Café and then she napped while I completed my part of the Introduction to A/Q and sent it off to Barbara B, my co-channel on this project, for her completion. I heard back before day’s end that she loved my part of it and will complete her part next week. Over this weekend she is very busy, teaching on the Atlantic shore.

When Talitha awoke, she spent some time with me doing Reiki and talking with me about my medications. Unlike the lung specialist I saw yesterday, she does not feel that I am “deconditioned”. We had quite a talk about male doctors. Often, when they cannot diagnose a problem, they transfer blame to the patient. As an M.D. herself, she is very familiar with this syndrome.

She feels that I have an inflammation in the interstitial lining of my lungs. She has not been able to pin down the cause, but feels that energy work will help me more than medicine. She taught me a grounding visualization, where I see my root chakra anchored to the heart of the Earth by a loop. I ground my energy into the planet and the heart of the planet gives infinite energy to me.

I worked with that for a while and began to feel the snugness of the anchor. Talitha felt that my energy was already stronger and encouraged me to use the visualization frequently every day. I greatly appreciated her thoughtful advice and loving energy.

Slowly, as dusk turned to night, we accumulated our company. Steve T arrived next, having driven through heavy rain all the way from his home in Illinois. Then John K arrived. He is a Minnesotan who had a plane ticket to Louisville. However his plane was grounded in Chicago due to heavy weather. So he rented a car and drove down from O’Hare. He also had braved rain all the way. Romi arrived and then Maria R swam in, having driven down through the storms from Ohio. With Gary and Jim, that makes our number for the weekend.

Gary had cooked a feast of orange chicken, herbed roasted potatoes and asparagus with pecans, and we enjoyed our first communal meal together as we got to know each other. John is the only attendee who is new to L/L Research gatherings. Everyone else met last Labor Day weekend for Homecoming 2007. By the time for the Gaia Meditation, we were all comfortable together. Jim offered the closing prayer.

We then read our “Who Am I” essays, going around the circle, resting in the increasingly bright light generated by these earnest attempts to capture the mystery of selfhood. Afterwards we fixed tea and conversed until Mick and I said good-night and came upstairs for a last snuggle before bedtime. The guests stayed up for some time thereafter enjoying their conversation.