Tuesday, May 06, 2008


I arose to find Mick already stirring, eager to get out into the day, for his working day is packed today. John and Talitha joined us for Morning Offering and then Mick was off like a whirlwind.

We three sat and conversed over our coffee and then John and Talitha departed to pack their bags while I used the time to respond to Ian on editing questions and to rework a couple of recipes. I finished the “skillet-cooked chicken breasts” section of the database, a folder containing several dozen recipes. I am almost finished with the chicken recipes entirely now, having only a few smaller sections to go.

At 11:30, John left for his drive to Chicago to meet his plane to Minnesota, and Dianne S came. Talitha joined Dianne and me for lunch at Captain’s Quarters. It was a perfect day, about 70 F and sunny, with a small breeze off the river and just a few picturesque clouds. The new leaves were celery-green and the blooming azaleas were lush and bright. Our only woe was the tent worms! We were sitting underneath overhanging branches, from which the bright green worms kept dropping onto Talitha’s hair. We managed to get situated so that none of us was under that tree!

We came back to Camelot so that I could give Dianne the name of my osteopath and his contact information. She has taken Milt to a healer and believes that he is cured of his epilepsy. Now she has to wean him off his many medications. I pray that this is true!

I drove Talitha to the airport and then came home to lie down for the remainder of the afternoon. I am very weary! However the weekend was well worth my effort. When we meet next month for Channeling Intensive 2, we will be able to include these excellent people. I am doing my happy dance, but slowly!

Jim was two full hours late coming home. He had been delayed at almost every job by requests for extra work. And he had a silly mishap because an Anchorage work truck was thoughtlessly parked out in the road. Jim tried to ease by it, but on his trailer the handle of Suzie, his smallest Skag mower, got inextricably intertwined with something on that truck, and snapped off. Mick had to end the day by taking her to Louisville Tractor for repairs.

Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.