Thursday, May 15, 2008


Today was a wet, wet day. It stopped raining in the afternoon, so Mick got some mowing done, enough to keep him vaguely abreast of his schedule for the week. In the wet, after Morning Offering, he drove up to Avalon and dropped off the DR brush mower for Melissa’s use. She says she finds Dearie handier to store and use than the big mower, so she is swapping Fielder, which Steve F donated to L/L Research, to Jim in exchange for Dearie. That way she can see to cutting the pasture on Avalon herself. She will also get a small Toro from us after it is repaired. Jim dropped that off to be fixed on the way up to Avalon.

Mick’s big triumph of the day was that, after he got his customers mowed here, he drove down to Steve F’s place near Shelbyville and got his acreage mowed. Now he can see his way clear to going to All Saints Retreat Center with me on Saturday so I can sing in the big hoopla service for the presiding Bishop. Thank the Lord! I did not relish the idea of going there on my own.

As for me, I worked all day on the databases – Channeling Intensive 2’s channeling quotes database and my recipes database. I am up to July 15, 1982 in the channeling database, with 41 pages of good quotations collected so far, and in the recipes,I am coming right along on reassigning dishes in the casserole section, which Mick never uses, to their meats or to their designation in the pasta section, which sections he DOES use. It was quiet work and I enjoyed the utter peacefulness of the day, drowned as it was in soft rain and pearly gray light.

At choir practice tonight, there were bagpipes, guitars and violins. We practiced everything we will sing during the All Saints service on Saturday. All went well! I think we are ready for the bishop!

Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.