Tuesday, May 13, 2008


A gentle sun and a cool breeze blessed our iris blooms today while the temperature just kissed 70 F by nightfall, making it a great working day for Mick. After Morning Offering he set out on his rounds of mowing and a lot of gardening.

I had a strong impulse to break away from my routine and worked on my Holly Journal entries, starting an alphabetized list of her Words for the day and adjusting the daily entries' format, which did not settle down for months after I began having my private chapel time. If this material ever sees print, I would imagine the best way to present it would be alphabetically. When I am finished, the material should be uniform and easy to get ready for publication.

By the evening, I had progressed most of the way through March's entries, so I have only a few weeks of entries left to do tomorrow and I will be all caught up with myself. Meanwhile, Mick accomplished all he had set out to do. It was a fine day for both of us.

After our bath, we had a date and cuddled afterwards for a while before descending to the downstairs for dinner. I offered the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Our llresearch.org website is getting a slightly new look, as our web guy replaced the pure white background with a warm off-white and colored in Don Quixote’s sun in the logo. It’s quite handsome, I think.

There was crushing news tonight. An earthquake in China is said to have taken over 10,000 lives! Now that surely made a terrible disturbance in the force! Here in the States, we lost 12 more people to large tornados in the southwest. I know the victims are all in paradise now, and I pray their transit was swift and sweet.