Saturday, May 10, 2008


The sun rose on a chilly day, and full light came and went as showers and mist filled the morning work for Jim and Gary with damp conditions. They set out after Morning Offering together and powered through the day’s work in good time.

Jim is having equipment woes. A belt came off Fielder and he just got that repaired when Suzie’s handle got ripped off tangling with an Anchorage work truck. That damage was amazingly extensive, the repairs coming to $1,000–plus. And yesterday Thetis barely finished mowing and then would not start. On the way home, Jim’s truck’s service light came on. Gary helped him drive that into the dealer’s for repairs. As Mick said, there are months when all the money you make goes right back into your equipment!

I basically spent my day collecting good quotes for the Channeling Intensive 2 attendees to discuss. I have 11 pages now. Around the edges I drove up to Middletown to get Mick his birthday card, as he turns 61 tomorrow. I am bummed that the clothes we ordered have not yet come in – two shirts and three pairs of pants. He will have to enjoy an extended birthday celebration! But he has some nice presents to open, as I have been collecting CDs, tees and baseball caps for him.

I also wrote Gary concerning the curriculum for CI-2, and Melissa concerning Avalon affairs. All in all, it was a delightful day. However, my tummy is still acting up, and Mick was exhausted, so we had a very quiet night, cuddling and snoozing our way through Star Gate SG-1 episodes and finishing with an episode of House. I offered the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.