Sunday, May 11, 2008


Mick’s birthday was a deliciously cool, breezy day. We skipped Morning Offering, a rare departure for us, and went straight for present-opening after our breakfast and newspaper time. He received some money and a good pair of dungarees from his Mom. He opened 6 CDs, a shirt and shorts set with a Hawaiian theme and the University of Nebraska logo, an Obama tee and a Nebraska tee, an Obama baseball cap and a Nebraska baseball cap, from me. I topped the offering off with Hershey’s kisses marked “Happy Birthday Mick”. Still to come are a black, a blue and a light brown pair of casual-dress pants and two short-sleeved party shirts. Mick loved everything! No returns this time!

Gary gave him a ticket to the upcoming Dave Matthews Band/Willie Nelson concert and a download of the entire discography of The Who!

I worked at my CI-2 database on channeling, organizing the database chronologically and continuing to collect quotations from the Confederation channeling in our archives. I cleared 20 pages of quotes by bath time. And I am only in 1974! I should be able to amass an awesome collection by the time I work my way through all our material, one which may see us through more than this Intensive as study material.

I also continued to improve my recipes database. All the chicken and fish recipes are now reworked. I have only the roasted-potato recipes to finish in order to declare the white potato section all reworked. And several vegetables are now completely reworked – asparagus, broccoli, carrots and corn so far. With 3,000 recipes to rework, the project will be ongoing. But it is good to see progress in the most popular sections.

I confess to feeling most eager to get the rest of the comments from Steve amalgamated into Living the Law of One 101: The Choice. I am keeping busy, but everything palls before the anticipated time of finishing all the last touches on this book and declaring it DONE! However, it is important to have all the energy put into the project be purely loving, so I have encouraged Steve to finish his comments only when he is in the right zone. Waiting is.

Mick cleaned the kitchen in the early morning. At mid-morning I drove Mick into Middletown to pick up his truck, now equipped with new front brakes and feeling like a whole new vehicle, he said. He spent the rest of the morning doing his usual round of errands and then worked in the yard all afternoon, spiffing up the Rose of Sharon hedge in front and collecting two big garbage-bags full of yard debris.

After our bath we got dressed up and went out to Applebee’s for his birthday meal out, where we knew we could get in and out in time for the L/L Research meditation and study meeting at 8 p.m. Romi and Allen F joined us for meditation. Mick asked a question tonight about sacred sexuality. I look forward to reading it when I edit the transcript. We have only one more public channeling to go before we break for the summer! The season has gone very quickly.