Wednesday, May 14, 2008


We had a gift of a spring day, cool and crisp. We won’t see many crisp days from now until next winter, as the Ohio River valley is very soggy during warm weather. So after Morning Offering, Mick relished going out and doing his work. This was a signal blessing, as he had a double load today. Rains come in tomorrow and settle in for a couple of days, so he is mowing ahead. He did not return until after the channeling session in the late evening! Mick is one hard-working man!

Melissa came early and did town chores until 11:30, while I finished the re-do of the format in the daily entries of the Holly Journal. It was good to see that accomplished. At this stage of my life I am conscious of how my literary executor will come in after my death and try to create finished products from the writing I have done. This Journal will definitely be a possibility for publishing. I now have an alphabetical index of Holly’s Words for the Day, which should make the editor’s job of arranging the material easy.

It may sound cold-blooded or ghoulish, but to me it is logical and positive to look ahead. I was born with three basic gifts, a bone-deep devotion to and hunger for the Lord, an instinct for service to others and a facility with words. These have twined and plaited into the work of my life. There is much material beyond my published works waiting to be edited and published, if that is ever desired. So I think like a librarian and try to keep my letters saved, my speeches and interviews edited and my poetry, recipes and journals in order.

Melissa and I went retail today, something I generally avoid. But neither the consignment shop nor Wal Mart had a pair of khakis to fit me, so off we went to the nearest cluster of shops like Old Navy and Banana Republic. We did not have to go far, just a couple of miles north to The Summit Center on Old Brownsboro Road. We ate first at Max and Erma’s Deli and then tried the shops. We got lucky at Lane Bryant and found khakis for 60% off, almost as good as consignment prices. I now have my first pair of cargo pants. I’m kewl!

We stopped at Wal Mart to return the failure khakis and at Pier 1 Imports to find a dozen more trays for our next Homecoming. Then we stopped by the drive-through at the bank to deposit some cash donations for L/L Research. It was a good outing, maximizing our expensive gas!

I spent the rest of my work day working on the database on channeling for Channeling Intensive 2. I am working chronologically. Today I got to the end of 1980 in searching our archives, and so far I have 30 pages of Confederation quotes on the subject. It’s coming along nicely!

With scarcely a break, I tuned for a private channeling session with Yelena and then Romi and Gary sat with me for that session, while Yelena joined us by telephone. Her questions revolved around seeking her guidance, the status of her energy body and psychic greeting.

Romi offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.