Sunday, May 25, 2008


The highlight of the day was a chance for Mick and me to get dressed up and celebrate a friend’s wedding. Patty B has been my friend ever since she and her first husband, the brother of my room-mate at MacDuffie, got together almost three decades ago. Phil B passed into larger life four years or so ago. It is wonderful to see her happily starting a whole new life. It was also grand to chat with my roomie, Anne B, and her cousin, Susan, who were in town for the festive occasion. And the food was delicious!

Around the edges of this absolutely stunningly beautiful Saturday, Mick weeded the yard and cleaned the kitchen, while I continued the work on the database on channeling for Channeling Intensive 2.

After our bath, we welcomed Allen F, who had driven down from Ohio to join us for the very last public channeling session before our summer break. We asked a question from Gary concerning winning the self over in the process of knowing the self and accepting the self. Then Allen asked several follow-up questions on all kinds of things. I look forward to reading the session when it comes back from the transcriber, ready for me to edit.

Gary and I sat down and discussed details before agreeing to go further with Bob R, who wants to create an L/L Research Gathering this summer. His group of people are excellent folks and I greatly enjoyed working with them last summer at Mackinac Island. So I am delighted we will be gathering with them again. Since none of them has as yet studied the Confederation information on the chakras and the energy body, that will be our topic of discussion. Bob will be here next week, and we can work out the details then.