Wednesday, May 28, 2008


It was a day of gusts and sprinkles, a real steam bath for Mick as he set out to dodge the raindrops and do his work after Morning Offering. He came home triumphant at the end of the day, having done several extra chores for two customers that made him late for bath time.

He came in laughing over the ironies of life. One of his customers, an elderly British-born widow, is very fond of Jim and always wants him to sit and talk before he leaves. This drives him bazoo, as he is in gear to mow and gititdun – but he obliges her regardless and sits with her and converses. He has done this for 6 years. Today, the talk came around to my psychic surgery experiences in the Philippines and Mexico. She stopped him and put in her hearing aids. “Wait a minute,” she said. “I want to hear this.”

My working day was divided by a delightful lunch at Ruby Tuesday’s. Bob R was in town and Gary, Melissa and I met him there for a powwow on a possible L/L Research Gathering that he will sponsor. Nothing was decided, but Gary shall investigate the possibility of a Gathering in Colonial Williamsburg later in the year. Bob wants to home in on 2011, the new paradigm and its implications for the “ground crew” of attendees. It might be fun to talk about that!

Before and after that gustatory planning session, yum, I collected quotes for the database on channeling. At the end of the day I asked Gary what his deadline was for my giving him the database to print and copy for the attendees of Channeling Intensive 2. He said to give it to him next Monday at the end of my working day. I asked because there is the real possibility that I will not exhaust the quotes by then. I have collected 160 pages of good, thoughtful material on channeling so far, and there are many more intensive sessions still to examine. What a wonderful source of themed material it will be when it is done!

Melissa spent her day taking down the inclined ceiling over my bed, which had come apart from a patch done by David W in 2004. By evening she had taken the grout and drywall down, cleaned out the lathing and attached new drywall to the joists, which should hold better. She did a beautiful job! She’ll finish spackling and hopefully paint the section tomorrow. Bless you, Mel!

After a bath with Mick and a rest while we watched Amy Goodman’s 2004 interview with wonderful Wobbly and folksinger Utah Phillips, who died this week, I tuned and Romi, Bob, Gary and Melissa joined us for a personal channeling session, my last one of the season, for technological inventor David H. His questions had to do with metaphysically oriented technology and on my own, I could never have responded to them with a sensible conversation but as usual the Q’uo group seemed to know what he was talking about and addressed his questions cogently. It was an interesting session, one I will look forward to reading when I edit the transcription.

I offered the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.