Saturday, May 31, 2008


Please wish Mick and me a happy 21st anniversary! We started our day by exchanging beautiful cards. And then we had our Morning Offering.

Jim spent our red-letter day by working a full day’s mowing with Gary and then digging up a large section of clay dirt for a customer (oof, grunt!)and replacing it with well-worked loam, aged manure, sand and other goodies to make a really good planting bed for annuals. Then he planted some lovely Korean impatiens which really made their lawn pop!

Two mowing customers had extra chores for Mick to do, so he was a bit late coming home, but he was elated that he had gotten everything done before the rains came in. We enjoyed a needed soaking rain, starting soon after he arrived home, which lasted for the evening.

Meanwhile I spent my work day processing Steve M’s comments on Chapter 11 of Living the Law of One 101: The Choice. As always his comments were entirely apropos. It was especially important to have his input in this chapter, as its content is advanced choices for the Lighthouse-Level Player.

I have worked with these concepts so long that I inadvertently used some non-mainstream words, and Steve had a large number of suggestions for bringing the text to the far more understandable level of basic mainstream vocabulary. I took at least ¾ of his suggestions and felt that the chapter was improved tremendously.

When I finished the comments I wrote Steve that I was going to miss his comments when we finish the last chapter, a very short one. This process has been a conversation and Steve is a fascinating conversationalist with many life experiences which I lack completely, his educational path being science and mine the arts. He gets sparked by my thoughts and shares many interesting thoughts which expand my horizons.

This was picky work and the chapter is the longest in the book, so the work took me all day, but it was a terrific day for me and very well spent!

Mick and I came back together at eventide for a restorative whirlpool and a powerful sacred energy exchange, followed by a short and refreshing nap. Then we went downstairs to welcome Romi, who is continuing to work on the large project of updating our computer system. Gary had been cooking the recipes for next week and the house smelled wonderful!

We all dined together after our labors and enjoyed the Gaia Meditation, with Mick offering a beautiful closing prayer of gratitude.