Wednesday, June 04, 2008


The day began with early rains which woke me in the pre-dawn. Jim was up early too, hoping to get some work in before the heavy storms came rolling through, and he did in fact get in one hour of mowing before being caught out in a pouring, driving thunderstorm, giving up the ghost when he saw lightning strike somewhere near him. He dropped back and punted with doing some errands and eventually finished his day having completed all his mowing and gardening jobs, somehow, between the many showers and storms of the day.

Melissa was on hand early too, coming down from Avalon for town chores and to continue repairing the ceiling in my bedroom. I worked on editing after Morning Offering, completing the editing of our May 10th Saturday Channeling. It is great to see these coming back from our fantastic transcriber, Aaron T, so very quickly. Kudos, dear Aaron!

After Mel and I attended to a round of errands which included my giving blood at LabCorp for my monthly lab tests and our shopping Wal Mart for various items, I returned to editing work, taking up the transcript of my talk at Channeling Intensive 1 on challenging potential channeling sources. I got perhaps half of that edited before Mick called bath time.

I also got a note off to Bob F at Hampton Roads asking him if he would like to see The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues manuscript. I have a good feeling about this!

And both Jude and Ba OK’d my sending Steve M our A/Q Table of Contents and Glossary of Terms for his uncanny eye to bring more simplicity to our prose, so I sent Steve our Table of Contents. Ba is still working on her part of the definitions for the Glossary.

Gary spent his work day getting the contents of the attendees’ binders copied and catching up at the L/L Research Inbox. And by the time Mick and I descended from our post-bath R and R, Romi was on hand, so we all had a festive supper and shared the Gaia Meditation, with Romi offering the closing prayer.

We were all weary tonight! Romi said good-night right after the Gaia Meditation rather than lingering in conversation as he normally does and even Melissa, who usually enjoys some late-night town TV after we go to bed during her visits to Camelot, said she was going to catch some early Z’s. Camelot’s lights went out early tonight!